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Profolio is a one-stop solution for People operations management. Opening a new business overseas, hiring qualified staff, and ensuring high-level HR services can be simple if you let our experts do the job.


Profolio is a one-stop solution for People operations management.
We are helping companies to build, grow and expand their businesses overseas.
As a US based, Cairo People operations management company, we help companies manage their people operations from a central place and provide full support for expansion and growth.
We’re innovatorsdreamers, and fighters, and we’re looking for clients and partners who share our passion for empowering people.


Let us take care of your talent hunting, people operation and strategic expansion initiatives! Profolio provides People Operations solutions and administration for businesses trying to manage growth. We are able to be a completely outsourced HR department and an administrative arm for your company.

HR department

Administrative arm

Project-based strategic consultancy

Innovative recruitment approach

Strategic planning & Executive coaching


Our goal is to assist and serve clients professionally with efficient and accurate services while ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and policies while ensuring corporate level benefits despite your company size. We are here to help your business succeed and to handle any overwhelming continuous activities.

Talent Hunting & Recruitment

We specialize in attracting even the most difficult-to-reach candidates, regardless of industry and location. In today’s fast-moving world, we specialize in attracting technology-savvy talents to help your company grow and glow. With an innovative recruitment approach based on the community of professional recruiters, our model allows us to transform the hiring process to make it more efficient, cost-effective, and 100% successful.

People Operation & Outsourcing

Running all your business and people operations through one place. Whether automating payrolls, managing employees’ profiles, company benefits or even establishing your company altogether, we got you covered. Our AI and tangle-powered software is the all-purpose tool for your business. Please find our solution here.

Our systematic and efficient payroll automation will save your company both time and money, as well as reduce security and error risks.

Project Offshoring

Your gateway to start and scale your business internationally. We assist investors in establishing their legal presence in Egypt through our partnership with legal firms. We can help you invest and expand in the African market.

Throughout the years of experience and multiple partners, we became extremely skilled in learning the needs of our clients and assisting them in starting their businesses across the continent. Hassle-free, profitable and fast.


We partner with companies of all sizes, all around the world


“They are unique full-cycle recruiters, have an eye for little details, and stand out from the crowd not only by their technical experience but also with their pleasant personality and professionalism.”

Hussam Mashhady

Talent Acquisition & Development Director - SAED

“Profolio offered great insights and understanding of labor regulations, and demonstrated exceptional capabilities by their knowledge and ease of access to major businesses across Egypt.”

Sami S. El-Jerby


“Profolio has been crucial to our success in identifying and hiring engineering talent over the past two years. They’ve been a true partner that enabled us to grow steadily, while accommodating to changing conditions and requirements.”

Hamad Mufleh

CEO, Zyda

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